Bundling up in Style

There may be a Polar Vortex swirling around North America – but Southern California somehow missed the mayhem of – 35 degree weather and dozens of inches of snow without even a chilly evening. I’m sorry if you’re reading this post while wearing layers of clothing and looking out on your snow encrusted car, but – it’s true. I haven’t worn a jacket in weeks.

I have however been bundling up in a few particularly comfy graphic sweatshirts that I’ve accumulated throughout the last couple months from a few random different places.

My favorite comfy yet stylish sweatshirt is the Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt I found at Forever 21 (similar $22.80, $19.80) I’m not usually a fan of labels of any sort, but I don’t mind being labeled a ‘Marilyn’ or any other sort of pop culture icon. I think the simpler the better, and the inside has to be fuzzy. The Forever 21 sweatshirts are great because they are lightweight enough to be comfy but not bulky.

I also found a pretty amazing lazy-day around the house cat face sweatshirt at Urban Outfitters ($29, similar $50, men’s wear $35) that I love because of the simplicity, and of course – the cat design. Other just as comfy at home sweatshirts can be found at Kohls ($12.99) – and because of the lack of cat, are more accepted outside of the home.

My other favorite type of sweatshirt is the super-soft and possibly vintage warn look. I found a sweatshirt from my Alma Mater, but Zumiez has the perfect selection ($46.95, $49.95) of everyday sweatshirts.

So no matter where you are, don’t forget to bundle up in style.

Forever 21 Marilyn Sweatshirt

Forever 21 Marilyn Sweatshirt

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