Q & A with Hammitt Handbag’s Creative Director Tony Drockton

The South Bay’s most popular handbag brand – Hammitt Handbags – can be seen on the arm of women at almost every event in the South Bay. The handbag’s stylish and timeless silver and gold rivets make their bags stand out in a crowd and the designs and high quality leather keep them in style every season. I sat down with the brand’s Creative Director and CEO Tony Drockton to get his take on this year’s most stylish leathers. He even takes some time to talk about the stylish women who made Hammitt Handbags a South Bay staple.

Tony Drockton (top right) with the Hammitt boys

Tony Drockton (top right) with the Hammitt boys

What do you do at Hammitt?

I set the vision and manicure the culture of our fabulous team. It changes daily, but when I am at our showroom in Hermosa Beach, we all walk down to the Strand and watch the sunset together each day. Talk about vision. It’s a great one.

What is your favorite vacation spot…besides Hermosa?

The Greek Islands and Paris.

What is the one thing you can’t live without…


Dog or cat…

Dogs for love and cats for attitude.

What do you love about LA?

It’s both gritty and glamorous. Surfing or snowboarding. Hollywood or xxx, hi tech or handmade, Beverly Hills or Compton, museums or street art. Restaurants or food carts. And you can do or see all of it in one day. 🙂

Have you seen any interesting trends in LA that you think the rest of the world will catch on to in the near future?

Our street art scene is my current fascination. From East LA to Venice, outdoor art is everywhere and free to enjoy. It’s unique west coast style reflects our so-cal topography, geography and overall relaxed lifestyle. Street artists works will be showing up on not just art but clothing, accessories and even consumer products.

Any trends you think nobody should try…

BASE jumping in a bat suit.

Tell me about Hammitt and how you feel it fits into the fabric of the South Bay?

As the South Bay is a mix of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation locals the similarity of all is their love of life and enjoyment of the unique lifestyle that this area provides. We feel blessed that we have become recognized as part of the local culture because we love the South Bay. We live here, work here and play here and so do our Hammitt fans.

Who is the typical ‘Hammitt’ girl?

A Hammitt Woman equates to a woman from the South Bay. She works but only to live and love life. She loves her family and herself just as much. She travels but loves her home. She is all woman but loves her man. And most of all, she cares about, participates in and supports her community…which means she loves to wear her Hammitt.

What are you excited for in the handbag world?

Digitally printed leathers from Italy. They are gorgeous and make beautiful bags.

Are there any trends you’re excited about? Color, style, etc…

Two sided leathers. We are using them in a new reversible tote collection.

What would be your one suggestion to somebody who wanted to buy one statement or classic piece for their wardrobe this season?

A medium sized clutch with an optional cross body strap. It will go day to night or work to the party and always fit your look. Wait. That’s our VIP clutch (shameless plug)

Do you have any favorite new Hammitt styles?

Our new Nominee Collection which is named after the great names in Hollywood. George, Robert, Leo, Bradley, Ryan and Justin. It even has a thin red leather line along the bottom of each design! Just think, you can carry a piece of the red carpet with you as you strut…with a leading man on your shoulder. That’s LA, that’s Hammitt.

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