Only in HelLA

Hey Strand Stylistas – I want to introduce you to my new girl crush, Rory Uphold! She’s a Hermosa Beach local who’s made a name for herself on the web with her new mini-web series, “Only in Hella” (Pronounced Hell-A). Her show is a series of multiple one to three minute shorts about life in L.A and the hell that it sometimes can be.

The best part? She’s spot on!

Every episode really encapsulates L.A. little frustrations that locals have in the city of perpetual sunshine. (Check out BuzzFeed’s ‘21 Words that Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To L.A for more L.A-truisms)

My new favorite is her “Shopping ‘organic’ in L.A.” video where she gets stopped by dolphin do-gooders with a clipboard after she pretends she’s on the phone, it rings, and she gets busted. “I mean, yes I love the planet, but I also love being on time,” one of the actresses in the short says. So. True.

Visit shop to find cool HelLA hats and subscribe to her videos – I promise if you’re from L.A they’ll ring true – and for everybody else, most of her videos are pretty universal, but with an only in L.A. twist.

Rory Uphold in Hermosa Beach wearing her HelLA beanie.

Rory Uphold, director, actress and brains behind “Only in HelLA” in Hermosa Beach.

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