Perfect Etsy Birthday Presents

Etsy Birthday Gift Presents

I recently spent an exceptionally long time scouring Etsy for the perfect birthday gift for my little sissy – and came across some pretty amazing finds that definitely need to be shared (excluding my sister’s amazing b day gift, which isn’t going on the blog because she reads this blog). Nice try Sara, I’ve out smarted you again! My experience with Etsy up until this point has been buying mainly wedding do-bobs, but looking for a birthday gift sent me in a different direction of knick knack shopping, and I’m pretty pleased with what I found!

Perfect Etsy Birthday Presents


1. Whale Ring Holder from Pottery Lodge ($16), 2. Nameplate bar necklace from shopLUCA ($49), 3. Leather Cross body Bag from Smadars ($95) , 4. Cat shirt from SkipNWhistle ($24), 5. Tahitian Pearl Necklace from Hana Maui Creations ($55)







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