Unconventional Beauty

The beginning of the year’s over and we’re well into the first quarter of the year and, as predicted I’ve stopped running everyday, pre planning my meals and cleaning up after myself. However – one thing has changed. I set out at the beginning of the year to revamp my beauty routine and clean out my cupboards – and after almost three months I have stumbled across a couple of amazing products that will continue to be in my beauty rotation for a long time.

The first product I’m going to introduce to you is something that I remember my mom kept near her bed and would slather on almost nightly. 20 years later I decided to buy my own tub of this magical elixir (actually she sent it to me in a care package), and I’m more moisturized and content as a… cow? Yes – cow. Because the product that I’m totally enamored with right now is the oddly but practically named “Udder Cream.” There are a couple of versions of this farm friendly product, but the one that I’m currently using is the Bag Balm version. (~$10). The kind that I remember my mom using was green and smelled kind of minty – I’m still on the search for that concoction. I’m pretty sure it’s the “Udderly Smooth” kind ($12.95). I love that a beauty product can be bought at a feed or farm store. Because it’s THAT AMAZING!

I love this stuff for a couple of different reasons. First of all – it totally grosses my husband out. Just the name, udder cream, gives him the willies, and I’m totally okay with that. If it works cow boobies and it works for my hands then I don’t want to share with doubters. Secondly, it lasts forever and the Bag Balm version comes in a cute little tin that I don’t have to hide from guests. Go ahead friends. Come on over for a drink, take a leak, pop the tin top and realize what you’ve been missing.

Bag Balm Udder Cream ($10)

Bag Balm Udder Cream ($10)

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