Hammitt Haul

This morning was my favorite holiday of the year – the annual Hammitt Handbag sample sale (otherwise known as the celebration sale)!!! Man oh man was it a good one! They gave away over 50 bags, had a room full of hundreds of beautiful handbags at reduced prices, and some local celebrities even showed up (Who did you spot at the event?). Check out some fun photos of local Hammitt lover’s hauls, they’re intense. One of the women (she’s actually pictured, but I’m not telling you which one) spent more than $2,000…. wowza! I brought my cousin-in-law for the event, and we had fun watching women push each other out of the way, barter with ladies for bags and generally go out of their minds for quality leather products. It’s such a fun event! Unfortunately a lady snatched up the beautiful gray leather “George” ($585) bag from the Nominee collection that I was pining after, but in the end I found a beautiful gray VIP clutch with a red zipper for just $150… score!

Hammitt Handbags VIP clutch - usually $250 - found for $150

Hammitt Handbags VIP clutch – usually $250 – found for $150! * Pro tip* Women usually grab as many handbags as they can find after being let into the room, squirrel them away to a corner, go though them with friends or text photos of the bags for opinions and ditch the leftovers. The leftovers are always the BEST!


I want to know what that brown bag is – it’s SUPER cute!

Hammitt handbag sample sale haul

They had a few super cute colorful clutches! The green one this girl has was one of my favorites.

Hammitt handbag sample sale haul

Nice haul ladies!!!


The turquoise bag this woman found is to die for! (Also, how many bags does she have???)


You can barely see it, but the woman on the right found a cork Getty Lux – I got one a few years ago and LOVE it! It’s very unique.


She won that beautiful VIP clutch! Lucky lady!


She’s wearing a Montana Messenger and she has three in the bag – do you think she likes that style?


I can’t even count the number of bags she has in there. Nice work!


This tricky lady swiped up the gray ‘George’ I was looking for. (The grayish bag on the right of the photo)


Now THAT’S a happy smile!

Check out a recent Q&A with Hammitt’s Creative Director, Tony Drockton

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