California Casual

Spring is finally upon us – and in California, that means only a slight change of clothing. Switching up a winter wardrobe to spring in the sunny state doesn’t include an entire closet overhaul, but instead just a new pair of flip-flops, a lighter jacket and a few pops of color. This year’s spring colors have to bucked the usual trends and ditched the pastel tints for bold, striking shades that make a striking statement.

Twenty-five year old Pilar de la Campa was spotted in Venice Beach wearing the perfect spring evening ensemble.

She paired a brightly colored maxi skirt ($35.99) with a stripe crop top ($28) and a fabulous go anywhere denim jacket ($68). The best part of her outfit is her personalized Ray Ban sunglasses ($129 – $174) that she altered with prescription lenses for a unique look. Her cute black bowler hat ($38) is a charming addition to her hip evening look.

Pilar de la Campa at Venice Beach

Pilar de la Campa at Venice Beach

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