Naked Tutorials

I finally did it – I broke down and spent $54 on one silly eyeshadow palette, and I’m so glad I did! Before I had a hodge podge of different eye shadows from all sorts of different brands… Well, now those are cleaned out of my makeup drawers and I have just one – the original Urban Decay Naked palette – full of beautiful neutrals that can be used in many, many…. let me reiterate that… MANY different ways. Since I’m no eyeshadow professional, I searched the web and found lots of lovely ladies who are – and I’m sharing them with you now!

Naked Palette ($54)

Naked Palette ($54)

Naked Tutorials

1. Jaclyn Hill is a goofy beauty blogger with about a zillion easy to follow YouTube videos. This smoky eye tutorial is actually doable – and her fun videos inspired me to keep on experimenting (Thanks for the winged eyeliner tutorial too!)

2. Alex C has some really great beauty videos that aren’t too out there – this one especially is great because it shows you an easy way to do everyday eyes…. and not look like you’re preparing for a Friday night out.

3. This video by Melissa Michelle is especially great because she doesn’t talk and she begins with one fully finished side of her face – I love beauty videos, but sometimes I just can’t handle the step by step chit chat. Her Naked Palette Part 1 is a great basic eye that can be worn day or night (mostly night).

4. Hair sublime found a great post for the Naked 2 palette that is easily used for the original!

Naked palette tutorial

Naked palette tutorial

5. Gloria Adelardi Mueller’s video shows the transformation of her ENTIRE face and the products, including the Naked palette – that make it happen.

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