Turquoise Collection – Giveaway!

Let me introduce you to my new favorite summer accessory – the Turkish Towel. Specifically, the smart Turkish towel from California company, Turquoise Collection. I discovered them for the first time a few weeks ago while walking on the Strand in Hermosa Beach. I noticed a group of girls laying on the beach on top of about five different colorful blankets and learned that they weren’t using regular beach towels or blankets, instead they were using Turkish towels. One of the women proceeded to introduce me to the multipurpose power of the Turkish towel. She showed me how to use a towel as a skirt, a scarf, a dress, a head wrap and even a bag! She also told me that she brings her towel on picnics and even uses it around the house as a tablecloth and a blanket. Talk about a heavy lifting piece of fabric, this thing does it all!

Multiple ways to wear a Turkish towel

Multiple ways to wear a Turkish towel

I tracked down the maker of these magic towels and learned that they’re actually based out of California. They invited me to their headquarters and I got to check out all of their beautiful fabrics. I was really enamored by both the company and their product. I especially love their Catalina style ($43.95) and the Venice Soft ($32.95).

Turquoise Collection Smart Turkish Towels ($15.95 - $37.95)

Turquoise Collection Smart Turkish Towels ($15.95$59.95)

They may be based out of California, but these amazing towels are made by traditional methods in Turkey and sold all over the South Bay – as well as on their website. The best part? I’m giving two away this month as part of my summer essentials posts – courtesy of Turquoise Collection. Be sure to visit their website and check out all of their amazing patterns! They have almost every color and pattern imaginable, and the towels are amazingly soft.

Where To Use a Smart Turkish Towel.xlsx

To enter the giveaway simply comment on this post and tell me what you’d use a Turkish Towel this summer! Tweet to @strandstyle or enter via Twitter with the hastag #strandstyletowel for additional entires, five entries max. Two winners will be picked randomly on July 10 and notified via email. There’s no cost to enter, winners will only be picked from inside the United States. Good luck! (Disclaimer- the towels may have a bit of sand on them, but it’s Hermosa Beach sand, so it’s not so bad)

*Turquoise Collection has provided me with a sample of their eyewear for purposes of providing a review and offering a giveaway. I received the product at no charge.


6 thoughts on “Turquoise Collection – Giveaway!

  1. I could actually take this with me to Central Asia and Europe this summer! Can’t take too much stuff in my backpack, but this sounds like it could be useful 😀 Non-girly colors available?

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