Bargain Bikini Season is Here!

Summer may be winding down across the country and fall fashions have started cropping up in stores, but here in California summer has just begun. The best part of our balmy fall weather? The summer clothes sales and hot-weather fashions that are still wearable well into the winter. Swimsuits, as I have figured out after living near the ocean for a few years, are super expensive (if you want them to last) and the best time to buy them is when they’re hanging on the sales rack. Which is why I walked down to the South Bay Galleria the other week to find the perfect long-lasting swimsuit. Plus, I think it’s important to buy them in person because swimsuits are virtually impossible to buy online – they always look so great on the models, yet somehow look a little different on my own body.


‘Pina Colada’ Print Bustier Bikini from Topshop ($29.99), ‘Mystic Paths’ Reversible Busiter Top from Maaji ($46.56), Neon Pink Fringe Bikini from H&M ($12.95)

This year’s swimsuits were more colorful and full of print than ever before. The tribal-print style and fringe tops are definitely some of my favorite, and tankinis have gotten a sexy upgrade.

The South Bay Galleria has multiple places to buy high-end and one-season suits, the options are almost endless and you’re bound to find at least one top you’ll want to flaunt on the sand. (I know I did!)

I’ve bought many Victoria’s Secret bikinis throughout my bikini-wearing life and have found that they’re always a great brand to check out for fashion-forward swimsuits. This season’s pick of mine is the ‘Long Line Zip Crop Top’ ($33). You really can’t go wrong with any of their push-up tops either if you’re just looking for a ‘lay on the beach’ type of top. Their one pieces are often very sexy and right now you can get many of them on sale. A relatively new brand that recently  launched a swimsuit line that can be found at Macy’s is Jessica Simpson. I love the bright prints and sturdy fabrics – my favorite this year is the ‘Tribal Print Flounce’ bikini top ($38.99). Tilly’s also has an interesting assortment of unexpected tops, like the HOBIE Surfin Crop Top Bikini ($35.99), a black and white bikini crop top with a rainbow-stripped back. The top I ended up bringing home was a bit of a surprise – I found a neon green and blue (not necessarily my colors, but ended up looking great) Roxy Underwire Bustier Push-Up Bikini top ($37.52) I wanted something colorful and sturdy that would last me awhile and not fall to my knees in the surf. It’s a great long-line suit made of a great neoprene fabric with a zipper on the back.

Whether you’re looking for a top for one season or the rest of your boob size’s life (mine seem to fluctuate in sizes frequently), this is the time to stop by the mall pick up something new. Because here in California, swimwear isn’t just what you wear to the beach, it’s a way of life.

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