FabFitFun is Fabulous

Yes, I am over sample boxes. I’ve tried both Birchbox and Ipsy, and after a few fun months of surprise packages and fun products, I am on sample overload. Each product was fun at first, but after a few months of ‘meh’ shipments, I cancelled both and vowed that instead of waiting for the unknown, I would hoof it down to the local department store and find samples for products for free. I know, the boxes often sent things I would otherwise not have tried, but after about a year of packages full of BB CC creams and lipstains, I feel like I’ve tried it all. I found the perfect lip color (Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in ‘Flirty Kiss‘) I slather on Supergoop CC cream daily, got hives from various different perfume samples and learned that I have a strange reaction to certain oils. Plus, my hair’s not curly and never will be…. (Anybody want curl enhancing shampoo or beach wave sprays?) Which is why, when I heard about FabFitFun, I didn’t feel as bad about my cancelled subscriptions.

I probably have over 100 different, useless, samples hanging out in a giant mason jar in my bathroom.

I probably have over 100 different, useless, samples hanging out in a giant mason jar in my bathroom.

Still interested in the lure of a package full of surprises, I decided that the FabFitFun VIP box would not only be a better value ($49.99 per box per season with full-sized products, use code 1423024 to get $15 off this upcoming fall box), but from past boxes it looked like it was full of stuff I would actually use. Luckily, I was right!

FabFitFun VIP box ($49.99)

FabFitFun VIP box ($49.99)

I got it almost a month ago, but was hesitant to write a blog post about it until I had used every single thing. Well, unlike other boxes, this time I really did use every single thing. (Although I didn’t use the always pads…) My favorite product BY FAR was the BPA-free FabFitFun Water bottle infuser. I took it on vacation last week and got asked by almost everybody what it was and where I got it… now I have to find out where to send my friends who want to get one themselves!

FabFitFun ($15)

FabFitFun BPA-free Water Bottle Infuser ($15)

I’ve been using it daily, and it’s a great way to use all my weird leftover CSA box fruits and herbs. It’s currently in my fridge cooling down with cucumbers and mint… num!

All together there was $245.77 worth of stuff in the box, including-

• Sonya Dakar Flash Facial – Retail: $95
• Pur~lisse Pur~ProtectSPF 30 – Retail: $55
• Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch Makeup Bag – Retail: $35
• Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil – Retail: $25
• FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-free Water Bottle: Retail $15
• Zoya Nail Polish – Retail: $9
• KISSTIXX Lip Blam – Retail: $5.99
• POPChips – Retail: $1.29
• Skintimate Shave Gel (sponsored) – Retail $1.99
• Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners (sponsored) – Retail $1.50
• Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar (sponsored) – Retail $1

The Sonya Dakar Flash Facial is pretty nifty, as is the KISSTIXX Lip Balm, and the shave gel will come in handy along with the Pur~lisse SPF 30. The Zoya Nail Polish is the perfect summer color, and the POPChips were promptly eaten by my husband. (I hear they were delicious). Since I have so many dang Ipsy bags, the Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch Makeup Bag was a little redundant, but still super cute and will definitely get used. (You can never have too many cosmetic bags!). And I have to admit, the Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar was dang good…

After getting the FabFitFun VIP box, my addiction to sample subscription boxes has officially been cured, thanks for the retail rehab and the goodies FFF team!


*FabFitFun has provided me with a sample of their VIP box for purposes of providing a review. I received the product at no charge no obligation to give them a positive review. All opinions are my own.


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