Loving Lilac

I took a trek down to Little Tokyo yesterday for my street style column in the Los Angeles Register, and was super surprised to find so many people with purple hair! My lovely sissy recently dyed her hair purple, and I loved it – but I didn’t realize it was such a wide-spread thing!

Both of these lovely ladies did their hair differently and I can’t decide which one I like better. I’m going to go bold and call it a dye tie. Have you ever tried any funky colors in your hair?

Regis Salon‘s stylists in the South Bay Galleria are experts in hair trends – and say that the pastel hair pigmentation is here to stay!

“People come by and color their hair to make a change,” said stylist Alisha Zamboni, 32. “It’s an excellent way to get a new look.”

The professionals at Regis said that purple isn’t the only color that’s hot right now, red is gaining traction as an excellent ombre style, especially the dark red to vibrant red ombre hair trend. The salon also does all forms of pastel colors, including blue, green, pink, silver and gold.

Regis Salon also accepts walk-ins, for that spur of the moment hair change.

lilac hair dye

The lovely Kimberly Moulic, 18, has lilac hair in Little Tokyo.

Purple hair

Jesille Espique, 21, went ombre with her lilac hair, and makes the purple really pop!

2 thoughts on “Loving Lilac

  1. Wow they both look great! I have dark hair too and never thought abt venturing into pastel hair colors… Might have to rethink that now 😉 I was also wondering if you’ve ever heard of Vain Pursuits before? I started seeing them pop up all over my FB feed and would love to have more info on them!

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