Sand Cloud

You guys know that my favorite product that I discovered this summer is the Turkish Towel. It’s colorful, it’s comfortable and it’s the perfect beach accessory as a simple towel, turban, beach bag and even a cover-up. Well, I have good news. I discovered a new type of turkish towel, the Sand Cloud. It was invented by three dudes in San Diego who (at least one of them) grew up in Redondo Beach. The team, who invented the product after trying to get comfortable by using a backpack as a pillow, are trying to make the beach more comfortable for beach babes across the coast with their innovative product. Not only is it a great quality turkish towel, but it has an amazing removeable pillow for laying out on the beach (or park, or wherever you’re hanging out)! The thing is – they need our help. Sand Cloud is currently trying to raise $15,000 in just seven days on Kickstarter– and they’re over halfway there. So, if you want to get your hands on an amazing (and pretty genius) new type of beach towel, check out their Kickstarter page and contribute. $30 gets you your very own towel!

Sand Cloud (Kickstarter)

Sand Cloud (Kickstarter)

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