Influenster VitaVoxBox

Thank you for yet another great VoxBox Influenster! The most recent box, the Vitality Vox Box, was packed full of great products, like Pure leaf Tea (that I mixed in with a batch of Kombucha), First Degree Burn Cream, Elizabeth Arden serum, a Softlips Cube and a couple funky bikini ready energy gummies. This is the second VoxBox to have Playtex tampons – and although I appreciate the effort, after starting to use the Diva Cup, I no longer use them! (Sound weird? The Diva Cup changed my life!)

I used the first degree burn cream in a slightly unusual way – to make a bee sting (I got while swimming in the ocean) stop throbbing. It worked! The Soft Lips cube was pretty cool too – I’ve never used one before, and I think it’s a great alternative to the usual tubes that I always forget in my pocket or melt in the car.

If you haven’t already, check out Influenster. It’s a great online program that sends you boxes every so often of products to test and talk about. It’s free and FUN!

Vitality Vox Box from Influenster

Vitality Vox Box from Influenster 

* I  received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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