Featured (For the Last Time) – Los Angeles Register – Fashion District

Sad news. Unbeknownst to me, and most of the reporters at the Los Angeles Register, last Sunday’s issue was the final time Street Style would be featured in the L.A. Register. Unfortunately today (September 23) was the very last issue of the Los Angeles Register. You’ll still be able to see L.A. news online on the site, but there will no longer be a hard copy of the paper. This is extremely sad news for me, and many other reporters. I’m extremely lucky to still have a job, but as of now I don’t know what that job is (update tomorrow? Update – Street Style will continue, but in the OC Register… yay!). I’ve been told that street style will continue – I hope that is true. I get such joy out of learning what’s fashionable and meeting all of you amazing fashionistas who are willing to let me take your picture and share your sassy styles (It takes such guts to let a stranger shoot your picture!). I will continue to shoot street style around the area (not just the South Bay) – it’s too fascinating and beautiful not to share… it just might not be printed in the paper anymore. Please continue to read and support your local paper – newspapers are important parts of our society, and help perpetuate true democracy. Sounds silly, but it’s true. There are so many talented journalists out there who are struggling right now and need your support. They love to learn about local issues and meet fascinating people in the community – and share those stories with you. It’s addictive and wonderful, but sometimes the profession is painful and abusive at the same time. It’s a lifelong job that can never truly be quit (curiosity = journalism). Please, next time you see your local paper, pick it up and admire the stories the talented journalists in your community took so much time to find, write and share. (And send them an e-mail saying thank you if you have the chance – we don’t get many of those!)

*I know there are a lot of rumors and news going around at the moment about the paper, but I ask you to please not reproduce or exploit this post in any way. It is my personal fashion blog and although I contribute to the Register, my comments do not reflect the paper’s point of view. I am an individual reporter who reports on fashion and community issues. This post is intended solely for my regular (and devoted) fashion readers. Also, please, no more schadenfreude. It makes my heart break to hear people root for other’s failure.

The final Strand Style street style to be featured in the Los Angeles Register

The final Strand Style street style to be featured in the Los Angeles Register

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