holiday shopping

Pre Holiday Presents from the South Bay Galleria

Time is ticking down and the holiday season is coming upon us fast… Which is why I’ve started to make an early list of some of my favorite holiday presents. Pre-crazy holiday shopping always helps me have a happier Christmas, helps me stick to a budget and gives me time to think of the perfect present. Here are a few that are topping my list this year…

For your mom – Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candle ‘Leaves’ ($22.50

Living in California is great – the sun is always shining, the beach is always open and you don’t need a heater. But, that doesn’t mean that all the cozy commercials with hot chocolate and crunchy leaves don’t get to us – which is why I love Bath and Body Work’s holiday candles.

For your sister – Banana Republic Kiss Kiss Ear Climber Earring ($45)

Wanna gift your sissy some funky jewelry that will make her holiday outfits pop? Go with a funky ear cuff and see her ear lobes sparkle.

For your dad – Michael Kors Black-Tone Watch ($195)

Really any watch would be great as a present – but black is the new black – and it looks great with everything.

For your brother – South Bay Galleria Gift Card (Any amount)

Who actually knows what he wants for Christmas… socks? Nope. How about a nice hoodie? Lame. Instead, let him pick it out and grab a gift card from the place that has everything – the South Bay Galleria!




holiday shopping


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