It all started in December. It began when I took the test… the test that would determine my obsession for the next several months… the Julep Maven test.  Was I Boho Glam? How about Bombshell…. no? Yes – I was Classic with a Twist. I always suspected as much… but now I was certain, and locked into a monthly contract to receive a subscription box full of nail polish from Julep.com at the end of every month.

Julep Maven Box ($24.99)

Julep Maven Box ($24.99)

The problems started slowly. I received my first box and I loved the colors – a beautiful almost black dark blue and a classic pink. That was all I needed – my nails would look beautiful for months. But wait, look at that – a secret store? I’m in the club and can buy stuff from a SECRET STORE? And wait, shipping is FREE? Score!


That’s when the pink boxes started piling up… Christmas was just around the corner and it was the perfect excuse to stock up on nail polish for my friends and family (and maybe a few for myself).


The limited edition glitter polishes were an obsession… wait, an addiction. I started hoarding boxes under the bed so my husband wouldn’t see that a third pink package had come in the mail that day.


You know how some people can tell you exactly what they ate the last time they were at a certain restaurant or can vividly remember the smell of a certain place from way back in their memory? Well I can remember the nail polish I was wearing. The exact shade, the annoying mistakes and how long it lasted. I knew it was a problem when I was excited to come home from work, turn on a movie and try something new with my nails. There were SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! The January collection came out… and I bought it all. February was just meh – but I still stocked up. Who knows the next time I’m going to find the perfect pink jelly polish?


I’ll admit it, I’m an addict. a color-loving, quick drying nail polish obsessed, bottle sniffing Julep Maven junkie. And there’s nothing wrong with that. (Just don’t tell my husband)

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