SCBS March Monthly Link Up: Street Style

L.A. Street Style

L.A. Street Style by Chelsea Schreiber

This month for the SoCal Blogger Society link up I want you to turn the camera away from your personal style, and look to the streets for fashion inspiration. What are people wearing around your neighborhood that surprises you? Is there anything that you see that you wouldn’t dare try yourself, but a stranger is pulling off with flair and panache? Do you see something you would like to add to your own wardrobe? Be as bold as you want and share your street style inspiration. You can be as secretive as Bill Cunningham or straightforward like HONY – just share what you see!

How did you get started shooting street style?
I worked for the local newspaper the Easy Reader News and was ask to do a once a month style blog for the local mall the South Bay Galleria – I started noticing how stylish the local girls were, and instead of shooting my own fashion (because I don’t have much of a personal sense of style), I started shooting theirs.

What street style trends are you loving this season?
My two favorite trends are the backpack bag and the bucket bag – So far I’ve found the perfect Kate Spade bucket bag, but I’m still trying to track down the perfect Coach backpack. I also love everything about how earrings have morphed into art pieces. They don’t just hang off your ear now, they hang around, over and through your ear.

How do you approach people on the street?
Before taking a picture I always ask the person I’m about to photograph if I have their permission. I introduce myself and say what I do, and then I always compliment them on their style and point out a specific piece that I love about what they’re wearing, or how they’re wearing it. I probably get a 95% ‘yes’ rate. Early on I realized that even though it seems strange to approach a stranger about their style, what you’re doing is acknowledging that they’re awesome and it will always make their day.

How do you pick a person to photograph?

I don’t always photograph the most stylish or trendiest people I see – I photograph people who have something different about their style. It could be a really great statement piece, a fanny pack or even a wonderfully goofy hat. Sometimes I’ll go home and edit photos and realize that it’s not what the person is wearing, but how they are wearing it that make them perfect to showcase their street style. I love colors, crazy hair and a big smile.

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